Dara has been a talent of TV news, sports, business and entertainment. After humble beginnings in small markets, she has since served on network and show launch teams to millions of viewers and was named a future star in radio early in her career. Aside from traditional outlets Kennedy has appeared in episodic and scripted television and has self-produced from live and remote shoots.


From the United Nations to the European Diversity, Business and Inclusion Congresses in Vienna, Austria, Dara has spoken to high level participants around the World including on Wall Street having twice rung the bell at the New York Stock Exchange with organizations focused on global equity and diversity advancement.


A passionate collector of Innovative ideas that evolve from thought to content, Dara’s production company aims to help fund and produce inclusive stories. To use your creativity and personal vision to develop fun, fresh, and engaging content. Creativity is the development of intangible ideas. We challenge your thinking power to interpret and judge the “positive space” of thoughts and positive space of transforming visionary thoughts into impactful realities.